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Hello! I’m Wes Wood.

I started my real estate career over 9 years ago, but my passion for real estate goes back even longer. Getting started, I wanted to provide a service that would generate repeat customers and new that going above and beyond for my clients would be key to my success. That strategy has paid off, as most of my clients are repeat clients or referrals from past clients.

My approach is to educate a buyer or seller and never pressure someone into a sale. I value honesty and integrity more than making a sale. I have been involved in 100s of transactions and sold over $10 Million each year for the past 5 years. I have experience and success to help anyone navigate their real estate needs.

I feel it is key for a real estate agent to know real estate not just in theory, but in practice. To know how to help each and every client I feel you should personally have bought and sold real estate. I know what it is like to be from out of town buying a short term rental because I myself have been through it when we purchased a home in Florida. I know what it’s like to purchase, own and manage long term rentals because I own and manage several of my own. I know what it’s like to purchase raw land and build a home because I too have been through that process. I know what is like purchasing and owning commercial properties because I went through to process as well.

I am all in and heavily invested in all things real estate. To advise someone on what is typically the largest purchase of their life, you better have lived it yourself.

Another great asset that I provide my clients is I have made many great relationships with local professionals in the service industry so if you need a plumber, electrician, HVAC, or roofer I know who you can trust that will provide fair and honest work.